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. >>> coming up in sports, a history-making day at the park. dan hellie is live with a very special guest. >>> he's still soaking in that victory lap. it's the moment fans have been waiting for for years now. >> yes, indeed, down at nats park today, the curse was broken. teddy won the presidents race. you'll remember this day for the rest of your life, dan hellie. >> it's unbelievable. you're tossing to me about teddy, the nationals won their 98th game of the year. they have secured home field advantage. and yes, teddy finally won. let's get things started with the highlights of the game. i think that's apropos. ryan zimmerman, the first batter after teddy's big win. he's going yard. 25th home run of the year. that ties the game at 1. bottom eight now. it's a 3-1 game. fans with a giant michael morris head. morris, an aha moment. blasts one to center. 18th home run of the year. puts the nationals up 5-1. and that's your final. the nationals finish with a 98-64 record. they will be the top seed in the national league, and will play on sunday. it will either be the cardinals or the atlanta
and 27-year-old dan macheli a math teacher and senior adviser and nick martinelli. >> this doesn't define triton and the teachers that work here or the students that go here. >> prosecutors say each of the teachers engaged in inappropriate sexual relationships from november to june last year. >> indeed, we uncovered evidence of exchanges of sexually explicit text messages during instructional periods. and a trip to the shore invol d involveding the teachers and their victims, as well as other students. >> reporter: prosecutors say when a student brought that information to a substitute teacher, that teacher alerted the principal and the vice principal who covered it up with little investigation. >> failed to report them to the proper authorities and conducted a half-hearted and inadequate inquiry aimed primarily at protecting the teachers. >> you cannot trust, not even the school any more. you know, that's not right. >> reporter: we got no answer at the principal's home. nbc 10 tried repeatedly to speak with the teachers who turned themselves in thursday. >> i'm more upset about the cove
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2